New Homes Myrtle Beach - Site will list all new homes in Myrtle Beach, SC
New Homes in Myrtle Beach
New Homes in Myrtle Beach
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A huge component to best understanding the Myrtle Beach area is also knowing the surrounding area and having insight to important supporting entities, including but not limited to local government, transportation, education, healthcare, utilities, attractions, etc. The useful resources listed below are intended to provide quick access to valuable information that may help to support not only the decision to become a Myrtle Beach resident, but also to support the lifestyle as a resident of Myrtle Beach.

Local Government

Perhaps not well known to people that may not have significant knowledge of the Myrtle Beach area, but Myrtle Beach has a relatively strong area transportation system (Coast RTA). In addition, Horry County provides residents with convenient, on-line, real-time access (RIDE) to all of the road construction projects that continue to improve travel about this ever growing area.
Horry County determines the specific school district that residents of Myrtle Beach would be zoned to attend. Coastal Carolina University and Horry Georgetown Technical College are two of the more well known advanced education opportunities that are within relative close proximity to residents of Myrtle Beach.
As a resident of Myrtle Beach, there will be a plethora of healthcare services from which to choose. Rather than list them all, some of the larger healthcare providers are listed below.
As a resident of Myrtle Beach, there will be many utility options. Below are just a few of the more prominent utility providers serving Horry County residents.
There are numerous Myrtle Beach attractions that are accessible from Myrtle Beach. Below are just a few attractions that are only a relatively short drive from Myrtle Beach.
General Real Estate Information
Vansant Realty Group services Myrtle Beach. Vansant Realty Group is a full-service Real Estate Brokerage that serves not only Carolina Forest but also the surrounding areas of Myrtle Beach, including Horry County and Georgetown County
Simplified Lists of Myrtle Beach Area Communities
The web sites below are some of the most efficiently designed to allow for simplified viewing and rapid access to all of the new home communities in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas.
New Home Community Sites
In the event that the heart of Myrtle Beach might not necessarily be the right fit - or just to know a little more about some of the other new home communities in the Myrtle Beach area - these individual new home community web sites are a helpful resource.

New construction in Myrtle Beach - all active listings of new construction in Myrtle Beach
The Myrtle Beach community is rapidly growing and the new construction opportunities in Myrtle Beach are ever-changing. A significant amount of time is dedicated to ensuring that the content on this site is comprehensive and accurate. The efforts of our sponsors are greatly appreciated.
New Homes in Myrtle Beach
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New Homes in Myrtle Beach
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