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This New Homes in Myrtle Beach site is focused solely on providing a simplified guide to all of the new home communities in Myrtle Beach, SC. This site is independently managed to serve and support development of the Myrtle Beach community and is a unique Myrtle Beach new home resource. All Myrtle Beach new home communities are presented without the influence or dependence of community or builder advertising. Input to improving the quality of this community resource presenting new construction in Myrtle Beach is always be welcomed and appreciated. The data on the New Homes in Myrtle Beach site was last updated March 2024.

Myrtle Beach is located along the Atlantic Ocean in the northeast part of South Carolina. Myrtle Beach has grown from being a popular destination for vacation and recreation activities to become one of the most sought after places for folks to live permanently. With it's numerous attractions, golf, and beaches, Myrtle Beach has become one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. This site will simplify the search for new construction in Myrtle Beach, new homes in Myrtle Beach, and new communities in Myrtle Beach.
New construction in Myrtle Beach - all active listings of new construction in Myrtle Beach
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In the table below, click on the Community Name to obtain more details about the community.
CommunityBuilderStarting PriceAreaSubdivision Status
57th PlaceD. R. Horton$280,000LongsDevelopment Completed 2023
AbodeAbodeCarolina ForestLeasing
AndalusiaStarlight HomesLongsFuture Subdivision
ArcadiaLennar$339,000ForestbrookUnder Construction
ArcadiaMungo$380,000ForestbrookUnder Construction
ArcadiaPulte Homes$330,000ForestbrookUnder Construction
Arrowhead GrandeRowe Ventures$440,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Ash PlantationAsh PlantationConwayFuture Subdivision
Ashley ParkAshley Park Homes$175,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Auberon WoodsD. R. Horton$255,000ConwayUnder Construction
Avery WoodsGreat Southern Homes$314,900LongsUnder Construction
Battery on the WaterwayNations Homes II$620,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Baylee EstatesCreekside Homes$265,000AynorDevelopment Completed 2023
Beach FlowerBeach FlowerLongsFuture Subdivision
Beach GardensGreat Southern Homes$296,900ConwayUnder Construction
Beach VillageLennar$306,000SurfsideUnder Construction
Bella VitaBeazer$360,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Bella Vita GardensBeazer$270,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Belle HarborLennar$340,000Myrtle BeachLennar Completed 2022
Belle MerBeazer$480,000SurfsideUnder Construction
Bells LakeD. R. Horton$264,000LongsUnder Construction
Berkshire ForestPulte Homes$362,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Berkshire Forest-AmherstPulte Homes$650,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Berwick at Windsor PlantationLennar$325,000SurfsideDevelopment Completed 2022
Big Landing PlantationBig Landing Plantation$475,000Little RiverUnder Construction
Black BearBlack BearLongsFuture Subdivision
Black Creek PlantationNations Homes II$350,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Boardwalk on the WaterwayRowe Ventures$800,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Boyd HyderBoyd HyderConwayFuture Subdivision
BriarfieldCreekside Homes$238,000ConwayUnder Construction
BridgewaterChesapeake Homes$330,000Little RiverUnder Construction
Brighton LakesD. R. Horton$445,000Carolina ForestDevelopment Completed 2023
Brittmore ParkD. R. Horton$303,000Myrtle BeachDevelopment Completed 2023
Brooks TractBrooks TractLongsFuture Subdivision
Buckeye ForestD. R. Horton$225,000ConwayUnder Construction
Bucksville OaksHanco Construction$305,000ConwayDevelopment Completed 2023
Calabay ParkCalabay ParkLongsFuture Subdivision
Carolina Forest WaterwayCarolina Forest WaterwayCarolina ForestFuture Subdivision
Carolina Waterway PlantationNations Homes II$555,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Carolina Waterway PlantationRowe Ventures$540,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Caroline CourtPort City Homes$546,000Murrells InletUnder Construction
Carters BluffBeverly Homes$485,000ConwayUnder Construction
Cates Bay CrossingCates Bay CrossingConwayFuture Subdivision
Chase CottagesChase Signature Homes$165,000LongsDevelopment Completed 2024
Chatham VillageChatham VillageCarolina ForestFuture Subdivision
Chestnut RidgeBeverly Homes$343,000ConwayUnder Construction
Chestnut TractChestnut TractLongsFuture Subdivision
Cipriana Park at Grand DunesTraditional Home Builders$575,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Clear PondCentex$405,000Carolina ForestCentex Completed 2022
Clear PondMeritage Homes$328,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Clear PondToll Brothers$379,900Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Coastal Point WestMungo$310,000ConwayUnder Construction
Collins Creek LandingPort City Homes$775,000Murrells InletUnder Construction
Cooper's BluffLennar$230,000ConwayUnder Construction
Cottages at Myrtle BeachCottages at Myrtle BeachCarolina ForestLeasing
Cottonwood CoveCottonwood CoveCarolina ForestFuture Subdivision
Covington Lake EastLennar$350,000Carolina ForestLennar Completed 2022
Creek HarbourPort City Homes$670,000Murrells InletUnder Construction
Creekside PointMeritage Homes$324,000Little RiverUnder Construction
Crescent CovePulte Homes$375,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Cypress RidgeMeritage Homes$281,240LongsUnder Construction
Cypress River PlantationNations Homes II$600,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Cypress VillageMungo$375,000Little RiverUnder Construction
Del Webb at Grand DunesDel Webb$390,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Del Webb at Grand DunesPulte Homes$383,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Eden SpringsD. R. HortonLongsFuture Subdivision
ElmhurstGreat Southern Homes$260,000ConwayUnder Construction
Evans Park-Phase 1Mungo$450,000Murrells InletMungo Completed 2022
Evans Park-Phase 2Beazer$450,000Murrells InletUnder Construction
Farm at TimberlakeD. R. Horton$360,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
FarmsteadFarmsteadLittle RiverFuture Subdivision
FieldviewLennar$277,000ConwayUnder Construction
Forestbrook EstatesLennar$250,000ForestbrookUnder Construction
Forestbrook PreserveForestbrook Preserve$360,000ForestbrookDevelopment Completed 2020
ForestwoodPulte HomesNorth Myrtle BeachFuture Subdivision
Garden GroveGarden GroveConwayFuture Subdivision
GlenmoorLennar$315,000ConwayDevelopment Completed 2022
Glenwood at Cates BayGlenwood at Cates BayConwayFuture Subdivision
Graham TractGraham TractLongsFuture Subdivision
Grand Dunes - Waterside EdgeNations Homes II$615,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Grand Dunes - Waterside PointeNations Homes II$615,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Grissett LandingGreat Southern Homes$285,900ConwayUnder Construction
HarborviewBeazer$420,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Harvest RidgeD. R. Horton$236,000ConwayUnder Construction
Heather GlenD. R. Horton$311,000Little RiverUnder Construction
Heritage Park at LongsChesapeake Homes$287,000LongsUnder Construction
Heritage PreserveCentex$290,000ConwayDevelopment Completed 2023
Hidden BrookeD. R. Horton$381,000Little RiverDevelopment Completed 2023
Hidden PinesLennar$360,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Highway 129Creekside Homes$275,000AynorUnder Construction
Hoffman ParkLennarMyrtle BeachFuture Subdivision
Holly View LaneCreekside Homes$274,000LorisUnder Construction
Homewood EstatesMungoConwayFuture Subdivision
Indigo BayDream Finders Homes$505,000Carolina ForestD Finders Completed 2022
Indigo BayRyan Homes$475,000Carolina ForestRyan Completed 2022
Island GreenD. R. Horton$273,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Ivy WoodsD. R. Horton$221,000LongsUnder Construction
Jordan GroveMungoConwayFuture Subdivision
Jordanville FarmsD. R. Horton$235,000AynorUnder Construction
King Farm EstatesCreekside Homes$290,000AynorUnder Construction
Kingston BayD. R. Horton$271,000ConwayUnder Construction
Kingston BluffGreat Southern Homes$290,000LongsDevelopment Completed 2022
Kingswood on the WaterwayBeverly HomesNorth Myrtle BeachFuture Subdivision
Lakeside CrossingSun Communities$195,000ConwayUnder Construction
Lambert RoadPC Land DevelopmentConwayFuture Subdivision
Liberty EstatesGreat Southern Homes$257,900LorisUnder Construction
Living DunesLiving Beach$699,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
LochavenD. R. Horton$260,000ConwayUnder Construction
LongviewLennar$290,000LongsDevelopment Completed 2022
Longwood BluffsToll Brothers$375,000Murrells InletUnder Construction
Lyden VillageMungo$290,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Magnolia LandingMagnolia LandingLongsFuture Subdivision
Maple FarmsCreekside Homes$270,000ConwayUnder Construction
Marcliffe WestAlmond Quality Builders$224,000Murrells InletUnder Construction
Marigold PlaceMarigold PlaceConwayFuture Subdivision
Marlowe FarmsMarlowe FarmsLorisFuture Subdivision
Marsh PointeBeverly HomesPawleys IslandFuture Subdivision
Martin FarmMartin FarmConwayFuture Subdivision
McKinley ShortcutBeazerConwayFuture Subdivision
Meadows EdgeRS Parker HomesConwayFuture Subdivision
Meadows of 707D. R. Horton$359,000Myrtle BeachDevelopment Completed 2023
Merrill VillasMungo$320,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
MiddlebrookeMiddlebrookeMurrells InletFuture Subdivision
Montage at Ocean CommonsAmeri Built Homes$525,000SurfsideUnder Construction
Mount Pillar EstatesCreekside Homes$257,000LorisUnder Construction
Myrtle Grove PlantationAmeri Built Homes$270,000LongsUnder Construction
Night Owl FarmsBeverly HomesConwayFuture Subdivision
Oak Estates EastD. R. Horton$280,000Myrtle BeachDevelopment Completed 2023
Oak HollowGreat Southern Homes$296,900LongsUnder Construction
Ocean PalmsBeverly Homes$405,000SurfsideUnder Construction
Ocean Walk CottagesNations Homes II$410,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Olde MillD. R. Horton$253,000ConwayDevelopment Completed 2023
Oyster BluffD. R. Horton$291,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Padgett LaneHanco Construction$260,000ConwayUnder Construction
Palm Bay at Prince CreekPort City Homes$470,000Murrells InletUnder Construction
Palm Lakes PlantationLennar$265,000Little RiverLennar Completed 2022
Palmetto Bays EstatesBeazerConwayFuture Subdivision
Palmetto BluffBeverly HomesLongsFuture Subdivision
Palmetto BreezePalmetto BreezeAynorFuture Subdivision
Palmetto GreensFlagship Construction$180,000LongsDevelopment Completed 2022
Palmetto PlacePalmetto PlaceLongsFuture Subdivision
Paradise IslandBryant's Construction$750,000Little RiverUnder Construction
Pelican Bay LakesD. R. Horton$365,000LongsDevelopment Completed 2023
Pine ForestD. R. Horton$254,000ConwayDevelopment Completed 2022
Pine RidgePine RidgeMyrtle BeachFuture Subdivision
Pioneer ClubPioneer ClubCarolina ForestFuture Subdivision
Pitch Landing CrossingPitch Landing CrossingConwayFuture Subdivision
Plantation LakesBrighton Construction$550,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Plantation LakesIndigo Homes$550,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Plantation LakesNations Homes II$550,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Plantation LakesPhoenix Construction$550,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Plantation LakesTopline Homes$550,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
PlantersfieldStarlight HomesConwayFuture Subdivision
Poplar ChaseBeverly Homes$575,000AynorUnder Construction
Pottery LandingBeverly Homes$510,000ConwayUnder Construction
PrincefieldAshwood HoldingsLorisFuture Subdivision
Ranch HavenD. R. Horton$387,000Murrells InletUnder Construction
Red Hill CommonsHanco Construction$227,000ConwayUnder Construction
Reflection PointePort City Homes$605,000Murrells InletUnder Construction
Reserve at Long BayD. R. Horton$279,000LongsDevelopment Completed 2022
Retreat at Ocean CommonsD. R. Horton$425,000SurfsideDevelopment Completed 2022
Ridge Road TractRidge Road TractAynorFuture Subdivision
RidgefieldD. R. Horton$306,000ConwayUnder Construction
River HavenDream Finders Homes$535,000LongsUnder Construction
River Oaks Golf CommunityMungoCarolina ForestFuture Subdivision
Rivers Edge PlantationD. R. Horton$401,000ConwayDevelopment Completed 2023
Rivertown LandingDream Finders Homes$239,900ConwayUnder Construction
Rivertown Row NorthBeverly Homes$303,000ConwayUnder Construction
Rosewood DriveRosewood DriveLorisFuture Subdivision
Saddle RidgeLennar$266,000ConwayUnder Construction
Sago PlantationAmeri Built Homes$425,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Sago PlantationD. R. Horton$425,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Sago PlantationLennar$425,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Saint Mark's WoodsSaint Mark's WoodsConwayFuture Subdivision
Sandridge CommonsHanco Construction$258,000Little RiverUnder Construction
SayeBrook EastPulte Homes$400,000SurfsideFuture Subdivision
SayeBrook EastSaussy Burbank$400,000SurfsideFuture Subdivision
SayeBrook EastToll Brothers$400,000SurfsideFuture Subdivision
SayeBrook WestPulte Homes$395,990SurfsideUnder Construction
SayeBrook WestSaussy Burbank$400,000SurfsideUnder Construction
SayeBrook WestToll Brothers$404,995SurfsideUnder Construction
Seawinds EstatesFlagship Construction$260,000SocasteeUnder Construction
Sessions PointMungo$290,000ConwayUnder Construction
Shaftesbury MeadowsDream Finders Homes$259,900ConwayUnder Construction
South Inlet DevelopmentSouth Inlet DevelopmentLongsFuture Subdivision
SouthcreekSouthcreekCarolina ForestFuture Subdivision
Spring OaksDream Finders Homes$273,900ConwayUnder Construction
Spring View LandingD. R. Horton$362,490LorisFuture Subdivision
StarbluffStarbluffLongsFuture Subdivision
Stonebridge FarmsStonebridge FarmsLittle RiverFuture Subdivision
SugarloafMungo$290,000ConwayUnder Construction
Summit at MeridianD. R. Horton$327,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Sunset LandingBeazer$320,000Little RiverUnder Construction
Surfside PlantationBeazer$367,000SurfsideDevelopment Completed 2023
Swells CottagesSwells CottagesMurrells InletLeasing
Tallwood LakesD. R. Horton$229,900LongsUnder Construction
The Bluffs on the WaterwayRowe Ventures$630,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
The Cape at Grand DunesTraditional Home Builders$615,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
The Enclave at 67thD. R. Horton$383,000Myrtle BeachDevelopment Completed 2023
The Forest at Black BearD. R. Horton$229,000LongsUnder Construction
The Grove at Carolina LakesLennar$293,000Myrtle BeachDevelopment Completed 2023
The Grove at Village OaksD. R. HortonCarolina ForestLeasing
The Isles at Bella VitaLennar$361,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
The LakesD. R. Horton$366,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
The Landing at Astoria ParkD. R. Horton$297,000ConwayDevelopment Completed 2023
The Park at Long BayCreekside Homes$285,000LongsDevelopment Competed 2023
The Parks at Carolina ForestD. R. Horton$334,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
The PinnacleThe PinnacleConwayLeasing
The Preserve at Pine LakesLennar$367,000Carolina ForestDevelopment Completed in 2023
The RanchThe RanchLongsFuture Subdivision
The Reserve at Wild HorseD. R. Horton$271,000ConwayUnder Construction
The Retreat at Wild WingD. R. HortonConwayFuture Subdivision
The Tides of Little CreekBeverly Homes$335,000LongsUnder Construction
The Village at LongsBeverly Homes$280,000LongsUnder Construction
The Vistas at Sun ColonyD. R. Horton$283,000LongsUnder Construction
The WillowsChesapeake Homes$319,900LongsUnder Construction
Three Nineteen NorthThree Nineteen NorthAynorFuture Subdivision
Timber RidgeGreat Southern Homes$280,000LongsDevelopment Completed 2023
Townes at BarefootPulte Homes$445,000Myrtle BeachUnder Construction
Traditions at Carolina ForestChesapeake Homes$400,000Carolina ForestFuture Subdivision
Trieste at Bella VitaAshton Woods$338,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Tupelo GroveTupelo GroveCarolina ForestFuture Subdivision
Tupelo ParkTupelo ParkLongsFuture Subdivision
Vaught PegramVaught PegramLongsFuture Subdivision
Village OaksD. R. Horton$326,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Villagio at Bella VitaBeazer$345,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Villas at Carolina ForestArmada DevelopmentCarolina ForestLeasing
Villas at SandridgeDream Finders Homes$288,900Little RiverUnder Construction
Walden PreserveHanco ConstructionConwayLeasing
Warner CrossingWarner CrossingLorisFuture Subdivision
WaterbridgeChesapeake Homes$479,900Carolina ForestUnder Construction
WaterbridgeD. R. Horton$350,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
WaterbridgeNations Homes II$484,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
WaterbridgeSuriano Homes$484,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Waterfall VillagesLennar$308,000Little RiverUnder Construction
WatersideMeritage Homes$319,900LongsUnder Construction
Waterway GardensFlagship Construction$255,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Waterway Palms PlantationNations Homes II$550,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
Waterway Palms PlantationSuriano Homes$550,000Carolina ForestUnder Construction
West Bear GrassWest Bear GrassLongsFuture Subdivision
WestfieldWestfieldLorisFuture Subdivision
Wild Wing PlantationGreat Southern Homes$387,900ConwayUnder Construction
Windsor FarmsWindsor Farms of Conway$147,000ConwayUnder Construction
Windsor PlantationLennar$340,000SurfsideUnder Construction
WinfieldWinfieldSocasteeFuture Subdivision
Winyah WoodsWinyah WoodsLongsFuture Subdivision
WoodcrestD. R. Horton$229,000LongsUnder Construction
Woodland FarmsD. R. Horton$283,000AynorUnder Construction
Woodland ValleyCreekside Homes$281,000LorisUnder Construction
Woodside CrossingBeverly Homes$275,000ConwayUnder Construction
World TourWorld TourCarolina ForestFuture Subdivision
Wren BayToll Brothers$469,900Murrells InletDevelopment Completed 2023
Yadkin River PlantationYadkin River PlantationLongsFuture Subdivision

Note: New construction prices in this Myrtle Beach area community are estimates only.

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